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ROD-L has produced quality electrical-safety testers since 1977. Our current products include AC hipot testers, DC hipot testers, ground bond testers, insulation resistance testers, and leakage current testers for your production and testing environments. Most Fortune 500 electrical product manufacturers have used ROD-L testers. Many of our testers have remained in use for decades due to their low failure rates. With that record of durability, you can look forward to reduced equipment downtime and replacement expense with confidence. In addition, we offer continuous warranty coverage on ROD-L testers that receive their annual calibrations at ROD-L.



Operator safety is a must when working with high voltage and high current electrical-safety testers. ROD-L hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage current testers all exceed the minimum UL, IEC, CSA, VDE, FCC, and equivalent requirements for safe operation. In addition, our safety features include the ability to automatically shutdown the test and discharge the tested product within two milliseconds of failure, thus protecting the operator from serious accidental injury. Not only do the ROD-L safety features surpass industry and regulatory standards, ROD-L testers have received consumer product safety award recognition for being the safest products of their kind. ROD-L electrical-safety testers provide reliable fault detection that helps protect your customers from dangerous exposure to high voltage or current, and helps reduce your exposure to product liability. ROD-L testers are also the only testers that are sensitive enough to detect arcs within the tested product that are as brief as ten microseconds, thereby further assuring that detectable electrical-safety issues will be found while they remain relatively inexpensive to address. All ROD-L hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage-current testers have been carefully engineered to provide a trustworthy combination of accuracy, reliability, and repeatability in your environment.
Critical Factors - The ROD-L Difference
ROD-L invented the electronically-controlled hipot tester in 1977.
ML11 and ML12 test loads for hipot testers
ROD-L received Consumer Product Safety Award recognition for the safest hipot testers
All ROD-L hipot, ground bond, insulation resistance, and leakage-current testers are manufactured in California, USA
The Difference Between Passing a Test and Knowing It's Right